Quins LC20

Quins Easy has been developed to lend a hand in PCB inspection and to improve quality of your finished product Inspecting PCBs can be very tiring on the eyes, and it is easy to miss faults if the operator has spent a great deal of time looking at the assembly under a microscope or similar tool. It is also difficult to remember which parts of the PCB have been inspected meaning crucial faults could be missed.

The system will scan the first PCB and then each subsequent scan will be compared to this image. Thus any differences between the 2 scans will be clearly visible. The software automatically divides the PCB into sections, and will force the inspector to systematically view each portion of the PCB.

Common assembly faults such as missing, disoriented, tomb stoned, flipped, bridges etc. will be easily found.

Linking the CAD/BOM information to the scanned image will allow the Quins software to track all of the faults found against the relevant part number and circuit reference – perfect for quality feedback purposes.

Unlike an AOI, no programming expertise is needed, with an extremely simple operator interface.

Sontex Skin Packaging Machine

  • Packing items on to card for point of sale display with high clarity Surlyn® film.
  • Maximum Product Height – 100mm
  • Magic-Skin 5035 skin pack machine has the option of Mini-Cut 400 roller press to produce multi impression profile cuts and euro slots in one operation.
  • Board Size – 495 x 345mm
  • Can be used for transit skin packing using corrugated board and polythene based skin film.
  • Boards can be manually cut to size by knife or guillotine and euro slot added by manual punch or by using the optional Mini Cut 400 Roller Press.
  • Sample skin packs can be produced using your products (subject to product size).
  • Suitable for use with environmentally friendly “Peel Away”™ peel-able skin pack board.
  • Power Requirements – Single Phase 16 Amp